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Rollercoaster Speed of Sound at Walibi Holland too much noise

The rollercoaster 'Speed of Sound', at Walibi Holland in Biddinghuizen, produced too much noise for the operators. The train with visitors is pulled up backwards, after which it rides through the station at full speed, on the way to the first looping. This occurs at a noise level, which exceeds 100 dB(A) at the workplace of the operators.

ATIS produced two soundproofed cabins for the operators, which are built up of sound insulating and absorbing Sonodamp panels. Both cabins have large windows to ensure a good view of the train and the waiting visitors. The cabin is closed off with a PVC strip curtain, through which one can pass easily and without always having to open and close a door.

The Soundproof cabins were painted to perfectly match the surrounding Walibi rollercoaster.